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A witch-y violinist casts her musical spell!

Music takes us out of the actual and whispers to us dim secrets that startle our wonder...

Ralph Waldo Emerson




The Dead Composers Society Orchestra presents an eerie live Halloween music themed program of spooky Classical music favorites--a scary "ghoul" time for all ages!


This Chicago area trio of

misfit musicians frightfully brings to life the "spirits" of Halloween with "boo"-tiful live music.  There's a "ghost" of a chance you will hear many "tricks and treats", from Chopin's Funeral March to Charles Ives' Hallowe'en.  

A costumed trio of Halloween themed musicians make up the Dead Composers Society Orchestra.



Produced by Strings of Silk Music, the Dead Composers Society Orchestra features a costumed trio of violin/viola, cello/vocal and piano/vocal in a "spirit" of scary-good Halloween party music.


Interweaved with tongue-in-cheek commentary, the familiar spooky Classical themes will cast a "spell" of live music fun--perfect for schools, libraries, park districts, senior events and any occasion calling for entertaining musicianship with a "diabolical" Halloween party twist.

“This was a remarkably entertaining program with great music, gifted and talented musicians with grand humor…Thank you.  I LOVED it.”

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